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Heard It Here First - Pinnacle Village

Mar 1, 2023
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pinnacle village

A new complex preserving the community culture while offering a unique and unmatched product is coming soon. In fact, the home ownership section is slated to break ground in summer 2023!!! Discover the insider information on what it will feature.

Have you ever asked yourself why there are very few opportunities for home ownership in NWA’s newest downtown? In the Pinnacle area of Rogers, we are seeing new construction projects that are on par with those found in larger cities. Which leads to the question, “Will we see home ownership opportunities in this area?”

The answer is, yes! Dubbed Pinnacle Village, a new complex preserving the community culture while offering a unique and unmatched product is coming soon. In fact, the home ownership section is slated to break ground in summer 2023.

In addition to a diverse mix of housing options, this live-work community will feature a state-of-the-art music and film venue, a luxurious 110-room boutique hotel, a dynamic five-story office space located above retail shops, and a vibrant food hall. As such, Pinnacle Village represents a rare opportunity for buyers and investors seeking a distinctive living experience that cannot be found elsewhere in the area.

Let’s explore the details…

  • Community Size: 27-acre mixed used development
  • Pricing: Five-Plex $535,000 / Tri-Plex $699,000 / Single Family $995,000
  • Price Per Sq Ft: 364.69/ft – 377.61/ft
  • Home Sizes: Five-Plex 1,467 sq ft / Tri-Plex 1,854 sq ft / Single Family 2,635 sq ft (pictured above)
  • Amenities: Music & film venue, state of the art clubhouse & pool, food hall, plaza & parking garage (pictured below)
  • POA Fees: To be determined
  • Location: South Pinnacle Hills Parkway, Rogers AR
  • Build Quality: High-End Luxury
  • Availability Timeline: Early 2024 – for ownership housing only
  • Nearby Attractions: WalMart Amp, Top Golf, Pinnacle Promenade, Razorback Greenway, Local Cuisine

This new community is poised to appeal to a broad demographic of young professionals and baby boomers seeking to simplify their lifestyle and enjoy walkable amenities. April Davis, Managing Broker at Collier & Associates Rogers, and Angela Parker, Realtor at Collier & Associates Rogers, are overseeing the residential sales. They have experienced a large amount of interest with many buyers securing their place in line.

Investors, too, can capitalize on this opportunity, as the complex’s covenants and restrictions permit properties to be utilized as either short-term or long-term rentals. With this flexibility, the community offers a potentially lucrative investment opportunity in a highly desirable location.

Pinnacle Village Pool

Pinnacle Village Community Space

Pinnacle Village Gym

Pinnacle Village Library

*all designs and plans are subject to change

Interested in Pinnacle Village

Listed by Angela Parker REALTOR®
Collier & Associates

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