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Who’s the Front Runner? What Cities in NWA are Winning?

Feb 28, 2023
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NWA Cities That Are Winning

There has been a notable shift in recent years of the national and local perspective on which city in Northwest Arkansas is considered the region’s largest attractant…

For those of you who have been in Northwest Arkansas for a while, you may recall a time when Fayetteville was the epicenter of the region. The University of Arkansas was bustling with energy, and when people thought of Northwest Arkansas, they immediately thought of Fayetteville.

In recent years, there has been a notable shift in the national and local perspective on which city in Northwest Arkansas is considered the region’s largest attractant. So, before making any assumptions, let’s examine the data first. Who’s the winner? Why? Which cities are trending in increased population?

10 Year Sales History by City in Northwest Arkansas

The data tells us that Fayetteville remains the front runner. Why? The U of A is widely recognized for its rich history and unique culture. This is particularly attractive to college-age students and their families, with many parents securing investment properties in the area to ensure their children have access to this exceptional experience.

Lets look at the cities located in the western region. A relatively flat topography allows builders to keep cost down, offering an attractive option for residents seeking affordable housing and easy access to major transportation routes. In addition, initiatives such as the Rural Development Loan program allows for buyers to purchase a home with no down payment. Eligible properties can be determined through the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Map.

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Affordability has long been a hallmark of NWA, and its relatively low cost of living continues to attract people seeking a high quality of life without breaking the bank. However, with the recent revitalization of the downtown areas in Rogers and Bentonville, we are seeing more people interested in urban living options that offer access to cultural, entertainment, and dining experiences.

We expect to continue seeing growth in these areas as Northwest Arkansas is home to several key institutions that play a significant role in the region’s economy and culture. These institutions, including the University of Arkansas, Walmart, and Tyson Foods, are well-positioned for continued growth, even in the face of national economic fluctuations.

Top 4 Cities in Washington County NWA

Top 4 Cities in NWA Benton County

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