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16 Tips for Getting More Business from Instagram

Jun 4, 2023
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Instagram Growth

Instagram continues to prove itself as one of the most effective marketing tools for small businesses, especially when it comes to attracting business within a particular local market. In this article featured on Kicksta’s blog, Dmytro Zaichenko offers 16 “Pro” tips for maximizing the power of Instagram for local businesses in 2023.

His list includes:

1. Post Product Teasers

2. Use Sponsored Ads

3. Use An Organic Instagram Growth Service

4. Create Interactive Stories

5. Add A Link To Your Bio

6. Create Unique Hashtags

7. Repost People Using Your Product

8. Post At The Right Time

9. Show Behind-The-Scenes Of Your Brand

10. Partner With Influencers

11. Create Special Offers for Your Followers

12. Talk To Your Audience

13. Plan Your Content

14. Add Geolocation To Your Posts

15. Create Guides

16. Use Calls To Action

Read Dmytro’s Complete Guide

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