Blue Crane and Runway Group Present Development Plans for Bella Vista

Jul 4, 2024
3 min read
Photo by Kari Bjorn Photography / Unsplash

In a recent City Council work session on June 17, representatives from Blue Crane real estate development company and its parent company, Runway Group, provided an update on their significant land acquisition in and around Bella Vista. This session was organized at the request of Mayor John Flynn, aiming to inform council members about the company’s future plans and ongoing activities.

Strategic Land Acquisition

Blue Crane and Runway Group have acquired over 2,700 acres of land in Bella Vista. The primary focus for the next 18 months will be on studying development considerations for these properties. The companies emphasize their commitment to working closely with city officials and utilities to ensure all developments align with existing regulations and community needs.

Plans for Commercial Development

While Blue Crane has confirmed plans for commercial development, specific details are not yet available. The initial development efforts will concentrate on areas already designated for commercial use, avoiding expansion into new areas of the village at this stage.

Online Presence and Updates

Blue Crane has launched a dedicated webpage to provide updates on their development activities in Bella Vista. This landing page, which is still under development, will include a section for frequently asked questions. Updates to the webpage will be made as new information becomes available and can be publicly shared.

Potential Office Space and Local Involvement

The company has potential plans to use the Artist Retreat Center's Linebarger cabin for meetings and as a space for design consultants. However, regular office hours are not currently planned for this location.

Key Properties and Historical Sites

Among the properties acquired by Blue Crane is the old Sunset Hotel site. Additionally, the company has acquired the Wonderland Cave property, which is considered a valuable historical asset. Studies are being conducted to explore additional access points to the cave, as there is currently only one way in and out.

Impact of Bella Vista Lake Dam Removal

The removal of the Bella Vista Lake Dam, a project managed by the city of Bentonville, is not expected to significantly impact Blue Crane’s development plans. The company views Sugar Creek, which flows through the area, as an underutilized asset and is in communication with Bentonville officials about the restoration of the stream.

Discussions with the Old Bella Vista Water System

Blue Crane has been in discussions with the operator of the Old Bella Vista Water System, although no formal agreements have been made. There is a possibility that the water system could be taken over by the city of Bentonville. To address the growing needs in the area, a meeting involving key stakeholders has been scheduled for next month.

Overall, Blue Crane and Runway Group are taking a methodical approach to development in Bella Vista, focusing on regulatory compliance, community engagement, and strategic planning to enhance the area's growth and sustainability.



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