Preliminary Subdivision: Walnut Grove in Bentonville

Aug 9, 2023
1 min read
walnut grove

Location: Southwest Barron Road & Piercy Road Bentonville, Ar

Walnut Grove Subdivision

Owner: Rlp Developments Llc

Let’s explore the details…

  • Lot Size: 78.23 acres
  • Total Buildable Lots: 233
  • Pricing: To be determined
  • Home Sizes: Single family, Townhomes and Duplexes
  • Amenities: Pool, Clubhouse, Walking Trail, Pond, Fishing Dock
  • POA Fees: To be determined
  • Build Quality: Entry Level
  • Availability Timeline: 2024+/-

Walnut Grove Subdivision 02

Walnut Grove Subdivision Map

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