Hope Hills Subdivision Bentonville

Nov 15, 2023
2 min read
A row of modern townhouses in a new subdivision
Photo is not of actual subdivision.
Hope Hills Subdivision is a preliminary residential development brought to you by the owner Mitchell Massey.
Along Ginn Road, in Bentonville, this property spans approximately 35.15 acres and is strategically zoned R-2, designated for Medium Density Two Family and Townhome Residential.
Hope Hills Subdivision has transcended from its original vision as a 160-lot residential subdivision. Opting for a single-family attached, the project has effectively doubled its buildable lots from the initial approval in 2022. Among them, two lots are dedicated to stormwater management, while the remaining 158 adhere to the requirements outlined in the Zoning and Land Development Codes for R-2, Medium-Density Two-Family, and Townhome Residential.


Source: Bentonville Planning


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