Get the most out of your home with these Smart Home accessories

Apr 24, 2024
3 min read
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A smart home done right can be one of the biggest conveniences for any homeowner. When done wrong however it can be one of the biggest regrets about your home. Today we want to walk you through how to build the perfect smart home for you as well as some recommendations on the best smart home accessories in each category.

Step Number One: This step is where most people get lost and it’s perhaps the most important step. To start building your smart home you must start by figuring out which Smart Hub you want to go with. There are a few different brands to choose from and we will be going over each and what makes them different from the others. A smart hub is what communicates all of your different smart home accessories together, it’s usually the device you speak commands to like a speaker.

Amazon Alexa: Amazon offers by far the cheapest way into the smart hub game with their wide variety of smart speakers and cheap price points. Here are a few we recommend.

Google Assistant: Google is another great smart hub option as it has a more capable assistant than amazon alexa and still offers some decent price options. If you are on an android this is 100% the option we would recommend for a more seamless experience.

Apple Homekit: Homekit is the most luxurious experience of the three and in our opinion it isn’t even close. However that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Apple homekit utilizes siri which makes it work seamlessly if you own an IPhone. Apple has the cleanest user experience on the home app and connecting devices couldn’t be easier with their “scan QR code to connect” method. We recommend this as the best option for anyone who owns an Iphone although it is important to note that this is the most expensive option not just due to the cost of the hub itself but also that it has a more limited number of compatible devices that tend to be a little more pricey than some cheap options however most the best accessory options do support the apple homekit.

  • Apple Tv 4K –
  • Apple Homepod (Best Speaker) –
  • Apple Homepod Mini (Cheapest) ––slid—product-MY5G2LL%2FA

Step Number Two: This step is the most fun one for sure, now you get to build your dream smart home accessories. If you followed step one and picked out what ecosystem you want then the only thing you need to do is make sure the accessory says it’s compatible with that ecosystem.

Lighting: When it comes to smart lighting you have two options, you can either replace the physical bulb with a smart bulb like this. Although this is a good option we recommend you get a smart switch instead so you don’t have to replace every bulb.

Security: Smart home security can be one of the most valuable purchases you make for your smart home. 

Smart Garage Door: Having A smart lock can be one of the most convenient smart home gadgets.

Thermostats: This is one of those smart home purchases that can genuinely put money back in your own pocket. Smart thermostats don’t only allow convenience and comfort with automatic climate control but also can regulate energy use by only running your heating and cooling when you are actually present.

Install: Most of these accessories can be easily installed yourself by following the app found in the instruction manual of the product. However, we do recommend getting a local electrician to install the smart switches and thermostat. 

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