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Future Proof Your Business as a Real Estate Professional

Aug 2, 2023
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Real Estate Team

Future proof yourself…. Let’s be different.

The agents of the future will be dynamic directors, able to handle a high volume of transactions with ease through intuitive technology. Their unique and relevant personal brands will reflect approachability and deep property and market expertise. But their real impact will be in understanding each client’s needs and turning those aspirations into reality by directing each customer’s journey. With this intuitive, personalized approach, they’ll not only deliver high-value service but also establish themselves as the go-to resource for everything real estate and community-focused, creating brand ambassadors for life.

Distinctive Personal Branding

Building an authentic, high-quality brand that reflects their unique skills and value is a must for realtors of the future. Their branding will be distinctive, resonating across their marketing strategies and all facets of the customer journey.

Macro and Micro Market Understanding

Realtors must possess a comprehensive understanding of both the broader, macro-level trends and the finer, micro-level details that shape the real estate market. This knowledge encompasses practical property-specific information, such as details about the house, community, POA/setbacks, schools, etc., alongside wider regional and national market trends. Future realtors will become true knowledge bearers, not only staying abreast of big-picture market dynamics but also diving deep into the nuances of their local communities. This in-depth, multi-layered understanding will enable them to provide meaningful insights and advice to their clients, enhancing the buying or selling experience.

Customer Journey Champions

Realtors need a unique, cyclical client journey. It begins with understanding the client’s needs. The transaction phase is pivotal, where high-touch, high-value, and concierge-level service becomes crucial, acting as a reliable source of referrals. The journey extends beyond closing with a loyalty program and regular property updates affecting value, thereby creating brand ambassadors. These ambassadors and referrals fuel continuous cycles that generate unstoppable momentum for their business.

Transparent Transaction Director

Realtors will utilize a platform that streamlines property transactions. This tool ensures clear communication and brings immediate solutions to real-time issues among all parties involved in the selling and purchasing process- from brokers and lenders to closing agents and insurance providers. The efficiencies created by this platform enable realtors to manage a larger volume of transactions for a higher income as commissions continue to be compressed.

Follow the Property

After closing, the relationship continues. Realtors leverage data from the transaction and the customer journey to share personalized market insights. By understanding each home’s specifics and surroundings, realtors can anticipate future relevancies and provide preemptive solutions. They also stay in contact about local amenities, like restaurants and bike paths, that could be of interest to the client or enhance the property’s value. These tailored, property-specific follow-ups reinforce the realtor’s role as a trusted advisor, turning satisfied clients into lifelong brand ambassadors.

 AI & CRM System Enabled

Realtors of the future will harness the power of AI and CRM technology, automating routine tasks and tracking all property-related actions. This innovative, tech-driven approach liberates them to concentrate on delivering personalized service. By leveraging technology, realtors can cater to each client’s unique needs while handling a high volume of transactions, seamlessly blending efficiency with personalized care.

Empathy and Emotional Insight

As AI and technology handle the technical aspects, realtors will focus their attention on personal client needs, exercising empathy and emotional insight. This shift towards understanding clients on a more profound level and building stronger relationships will become crucial. Realtors will provide a personalized, high-value service, leveraging their human touch in areas where technology can’t reach.

Focused Listings and New Construction Strategy

Realtors of the future must be proficient in crafting precise listings tailored to specific target audiences. They should have a robust strategy for handling new construction, working effectively with contractors, and being part of a 100+ firm to aid in risk mitigation and pre-sales opportunities.

Adaptability in Market Shifts

Realtors must embrace adaptability as the real estate market evolves. They avoid getting stuck in traditional approaches and continuously strive for better ways of doing business. Preparedness for market shifts, such as the rise of new construction, is crucial. Embracing change and being open to innovation helps them stay ahead in the dynamic real estate landscape, where new opportunities and challenges arise.


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