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Feb 28, 2024
2 min read
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How do you gain a competitive edge in the real estate market? At NWALook, we understand that the answer to this question is multifaceted. Smart technology plays a crucial role and gives you a competitive advantage. We have identified a few key resources to help you maintain your competitive edge going forward. Let’s take a look.

Buying and selling properties has become increasingly complex in recent years, with several apps and websites available to aid consumers in the process. Let’s examine the top websites and apps we find most useful at NWALook, to be used in Real Estate.


Landglide is another app that provides users with geographic information. It allows users to see the owner’s information, property lines, as well as property tax information, and county-assessed value.

Visit Landglide


Nerd Wallet allows you to compare different mortgage rates across the country while providing advice on budgeting and saving for a down payment. This resource was selected based on the recent fluctuation we have seen in interest rates. Identifying the lowest mortgage rate could be the determining factor in whether someone can purchase a particular home even with small margins.

Visit NerdWallet

Deal Check

Deal Check is an app that allows novice-expert real estate investors to analyze investments quickly. This app enables basic calculations for cash flow, return on investment (ROI), and cap rates. Another cool feature of Deal Check is that it allows you to compare multiple properties side by side to determine the best potential property for profit.

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Cubicasa is a technology that allows users to create 3D virtual tours of properties. It is low-cost and particularly useful for real estate professionals in presenting properties to potential buyers. Cubicasa’s virtual tours give potential buyers a detailed view of a property without having to physically visit it, saving time and allowing buyers to get a better sense of a property’s layout and features.

Visit Cubicasa


Your local GIS can provide you with local and valuable information, including details such as zoning, flood zones, utilities (water, sewer, electricity), bike trails, preliminary subdivisions, plat maps, as well as school zones, and local trash pickup days. GIS Maps are useful for both residential and commercial properties.

GIS Maps

GIS Maps of Bentonville

GIS Maps of Fayetteville

GIS Maps of Rogers

GIS Maps of Springdale


Many of you have heard about ChatGpt by now. ChatGpt has implications for several businesses including real estate. A few common ways to leverage ChatGpt for real estate include detailed listing descriptions and researching local areas including amenities and regulations. Although it doesn’t have the capability of real-time questions, like the value of a home we at NWALook, expect to see it in the future.

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