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Oct 11, 2023
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Get ready for some thrilling news! ‘Danger Dave’s’ is the upcoming dining sensation right here in the heart of Bentonville, Arkansas. We couldn’t wait to hear more about the restaurant’s story, and here’s what the incredible crew has in store for you!
“Dave is a long term traveler moving between land and sea. His thirst for adventure never ends and he’s got exciting tales to tell! From surviving a sting ray attack off the coast of the Caribbeans, to crashing his paraglider over the Patagonia Andes, to barely escaping a motorcycle crash, to being caught in the middle of a shoot out — Dave’s stories are how legends are made.

He’s off the coast of who knows where right now, but he loves to send us his collection of knick-knacks, and we’ve finally found a place to house all his stuff. One day when he comes back to visit, we want to make sure he feels right at home. He loves sandwiches and tropical vibes with cool breezes, surrounded by good people, and lots of love; so that’s what we’ve got at Danger Dave’s!

Imagine a sandwich so packed we had to name it The Goliath filled with 3 different kinds of meat, burrata, sundried tomato pesto, and lots of veggies on a crusty baguette. And of course we have to pay homage to Dave’s favorite sandwich growing up, respectfully named The O.G., with fried bologna, grain mustard, pickles, mayo, and not your typical white bread.

Dave understands that you can’t eat meat all the time so we’ve filled our menu with amazing vegan and vegetarian options, too! Through Dave’s travels he’s found the best baba ganoush recipe so imagine putting that on a delicious sandwich with fresh pickled veggies, creamy tahini, and hand picked local lettuce. We’ve also found a wonderful source for vegan deli meats from up north that will go amazing on any sandwich.

And did we mention that the patio is going to be amazing? AND we are a family friendly place? Bring your whole family and come chill out. We’ll have wonderful kid sandwiches that aren’t just peanut butter and jellies, or fried nuggets and fries. Dave believes everyone should get to eat GOOD food and that includes little humans. Dave built a marble racing ramp for the kiddos to play on and we’ve even designated a play area for kids to climb up and down.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re building.”

Check out their site to stay updated on their opening date! 

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